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My Life, My Community Provider Rate Study

Assisting the State (in a subcontract to HSRI) to: evaluate the current service delivery system for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; make recommendations to move the system to a more person-focused/needs-based system of care; in conjunction with that evaluation, … Continue reading

Maine Provider Rate Setting Initiative

Assisting the Office in developing and implementing provider rates and a resource allocation system for Maine’s 1915(c) waiver for adults with intellectual disabilities. The major components of the work plan include: provider engagement; a provider survey; collecting public input on … Continue reading

HCBS Rate Setting – NDDDD

B&A staff are providing an evaluation on the current reimbursement system features including rates, assessment, the individualized link between assessment and resource allocation/rate adjustment, and response of the system to changes in client acuity. Included in the evaluation is the … Continue reading

HCBS Rate Setting – NV DHS

Prior to B&A’s formation, Gretchen Engquist and Mark Podrazik completed work for the legislatively mandated Nevada Provider Rates Task Force charged with developing a long-term strategic rate plan for community-based services for seniors, people with disabilities, and people with mental … Continue reading

HCBS Rate Setting – MODDD

B&A staff are developing Missouri-specific Funding Bands (Missouri Funding Bands or MFBs) based on support need levels determined through the Support Intensity Scale (SIS) tool and “standardized” individual expenditure levels. The MFBs will be based on the SIS and expenditure … Continue reading

HCBS Rate Setting – LA OCDD

B&A staff recently developed case management rates for ten (10) programs provided through the Department of Health & Hospitals (DHH). These programs included general State Plan programs and 1915(c) Waiver programs offered through DHH, the Office for Citizens with Developmental … Continue reading

HCBS Rate Setting – ADHS/DBHS

B&A performed an evaluation of the appropriateness of over 40 rates paid to providers by the Division of Behavioral Health Services. B&A conducted ongoing discussions with a multi-disciplinary team to review current independent rate models to modify the design to … Continue reading

HCBS Rate Setting – DES/DDD

B&A staff have been assisting the DES/DDD in setting HCBS rates since 2000. Originally, we were involved in the formulation and adoption of a legislatively mandated rate structure for both agency and independent providers. Responsibilities included developing the methodology and … Continue reading

HCBS Rate Setting – ODHC

B&A (under subcontract to HSRI) assisted in the development of a rate-setting system that serves as a foundation for individual funding levels for people with developmental disabilities. This work required a provider cost survey, development of independent rate models, and … Continue reading

HCBS Rate Setting – PBH

B&A (under subcontract to HSRI) has been assisting Piedmont Behavioral Health (PBH) in assessing its expenditures and operations with respect to its Innovations Waiver. The Innovations Waiver is a combined 1915(b)(c) fully capitated HCBS waiver for developmentally disabled participants in … Continue reading