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Develop Individualized Budgets – LA OCDD

B&A assisted the State in the development and implementation of individual funding levels applicable to home- and community-based waiver populations. The funding levels include regression analysis to determine commonalities among client needs to best assess the proper amount of funding.

Develop Individualized Budgets – DES/DDD

B&A staff assisted DES/DDD in the conversion to a consumer-directed individualized budget system. Stages in the movement to consumer direction that have been implemented include (a) establishing a rate structure for HCBS providers, (b) streamlining the procurement process, (c) enhancing … Continue reading

Develop Individualized Budgets – RI DMHH/DDD

B&A (under subcontract to HSRI) is currently evaluating the potential to institute an individual budget system for Rhode Island’s DDD which would use the SIS assessment instrument as the basis for assessing clients.