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UPL Calculations for Rebase Project

As part of the requirements for submitting a state plan amendment to change OVHA’s inpatient and outpatient reimbursement methodologies, B&A calculated the Upper Payment Limit tests for both systems to ensure federal approval. A methodology was written up to accompany … Continue reading

Update DSH Methodology – OVHA

Mark Podrazik assisted Vermont in the redesign and implementation of their disproportionate share program to ensure federal compliance. Alternatives were modeled for the state‚Äôs consideration and the change in methodology was implemented in October 2008. A DSH methodology document was … Continue reading

Indigent Care Evaluation

Prior to B&A’s formation, Peter Burns conducted a study of indigent health care costs in the state and the existing DSH allocation formula. Recommendations contained in the report included a restructuring of the DSH allocation formula for the hospitals in … Continue reading

Update DSH Methodology – AHCCCS

Peter Burns assisted AHCCCS with instituting CPE for DSH. Tasks included reviewing existing DSH for compliance with federal and state law and waiver Terms & Conditions, developing reporting frameworks to allow costing of each uninsured claim, creating reporting schedules for … Continue reading