Responses to Public Comments

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) has completed its review of comments submitted in response to the proposed provider rates for services provided through the Intellectual Disability (ID), Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support (DD), and Day Support waiver programs.

DBHDS’ response to each submitted comment as well as the changes made in response to comments are included in this document.

The final rate models, which incorporate changes made in responses to public comments can be found in this document.

The estimated fiscal impact of implementing the final rate models can be viewed in this document.

DBHDS appreciates everyone who took time to provide feedback on the proposed rate models and looks forward to stakeholders’ continued involvement to incorporate the new fee schedule into the waivers and to work through the budget process to secure the funding necessary to begin implementing these rates in 2016.

Proposed Reimbursement Rates for ID, DD, and Day Support Waiver Services

My Life, My Community is an initiative of the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) to improve services for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities (I/DD). As part of this initiative, DBHDS is reviewing various aspects of the programs serving individuals with I/DD.

This review includes the rates paid to providers of waiver services. With the assistance of a national consultant – Burns & Associates, Inc. (B&A) – DBHDS has developed proposed rate models. DBHDS is now seeking comments on these proposals and B&A is assisting in the coordination of this process. The following materials have been prepared:

A brief presentation that provides an overview of the work that has been completed as part of the rate study and a brief summary of results

A summary of the results from the provider survey conducted earlier this year

The proposed rate models with supporting documentation

An information brief on the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS), which will be used to determine members’ level of need for certain services

An analysis of the estimated fiscal impact of the proposed rate models if they are fully implemented

A recording of the November 21 webinar to discuss the proposed rates and related materials

We welcome your comments on any of the proposed changes to reimbursement rates. Comments and any supporting documentation should be submitted to [email protected]. Comments will be accepted until December 15, 2014.

After the comment period, written responses to all comments will be disseminated and the rate models will be revised as appropriate. Keep in mind these are proposed rates and implementation of any increases is contingent upon receiving funding through the budget process.

Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to receiving your comments.