The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is in the process of reviewing provider reimbursement rates for Crisis Stabilization and Crisis Resolution (Mobile) services. Burns & Associates, Inc. (B&A), a national health policy consulting firm, is assisting DHHS in this effort.

The project has included a review of existing service guidelines and consideration of potential changes to these requirements, multiple meetings with providers and stakeholders, a provider survey to supplement the annual budgets submitted to DHHS, and related research.

Proposed rate models and supporting documentation were published in March. Providers and other stakeholders were invited to review and comment. DHHS has completed its review of these comments and made several changes to the rate models in response. The Department’s responses to the comments as well as the final rate models are now available.

Public comments and DHHS responses

Final rate models

Appendices of supporting documentation for final rate models

Proposed Rate Models and Related Materials Published March 13, 2015

A presentation that provides an overview of the project, outlines envisioned changes to service requirements, and briefly summarizes the proposed rates

A summary of the results from the provider survey

The proposed rate models

Appendices of supporting documentation for the rate models