HCBS Rate Setting – DES/DDD

B&A staff have been assisting the DES/DDD in setting HCBS rates since 2000. Originally, we were involved in the formulation and adoption of a legislatively mandated rate structure for both agency and independent providers. Responsibilities included developing the methodology and performing the financial analysis of the implementation costs of the rate structure and developing strategies for implementation of the rate structure within budget constraints. Included in the financial estimates were two-year projections of caseload and utilization. The rates were developed using cost information collected from providers in conjunction with the collection of market-based, Arizona-specific costs.

Recently, B&A participated in the rebasing of all HCBS rates (with two other consulting firms). This required detailed, web-available provider cost survey tools and instructions, publication of frequently asked questions, extensive provider briefings on rebasing results and methodology, and fiscal impact analysis.

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