The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is in the process of studying payments for services covered by Sections 18 and 20 along with comparable Sections 21 and 29 services of the MaineCare Benefits Manual.

Burns & Associates, Inc. (B&A) is assisting DHHS with this initiative and has established this website as a repository for study-related materials.


Final rate models can be accessed here.


  • The draft rate models  which detail the specific assumptions related to direct care worker wages, benefits, and productivity; mileage; program support, and other factors – can be accessed here.
  • The presentation that provides background on the project, outlines the methodology, and highlights the results can be accessed here.
  • A recorded webinar that walks-through the rate study and rate models can be found here.
  • The provider survey analysis can be accessed here.


A key factor in this effort is a provider survey to collect data regarding providers’ service delivery designs and costs, which is available for download:

  • The Excel-based survey can be accessed here.
  • The survey instructions can be accessed here.
  • A recorded webinar that walks through the survey can be accessed here.