The Hawaii Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Division (DOH/DDD) is in the process of renewing the State’s Section 1915(c) Medicaid waiver to provide home and community based services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One requirement of the federal government’s approval of this renewal is a review of provider payment rates. Burns & Associates, Inc. (B&A) is assisting DOH/DDD in this review.


  • The proposed rate models, which detail the specific assumptions related to direct care worker wages, benefits, and productivity; mileage, program support, and other factors – can be accessed here.
  • A recorded webinar that walks-through the rate study and rate models can be accessed here.
    • The PowerPoint presentation used during the recorded webinar can be accessed here.
  • The provider survey analysis can be accessed here.

DDD is accepting public comments regarding the proposed rate models. Providers are asked to review the materials and provide any comments to [email protected] by no later than October 30, 2020.


A provider survey has been developed to identify the costs incurred in the delivery of DD Waiver services as part of the broader effort to assess payment rates. The survey collects information about the services provided and associated costs. The accompanying instruction manual provides a general overview of the survey and detailed instructions about several forms within the survey. Additionally, a pre-recorded webinar that walks through each form of the survey has been developed as a reference that can be accessed as needed while completing the survey. These materials are available for download below:

  • The Excel-based survey can be accessed here.
  • The written survey instructions can be accessed here.
  • A recorded webinar that walks through the survey can be accessed here.