Peter Burns, CEO

Peter Burns, B&A’s CEO, has over 30 years of experience in public policy, with specialties in the areas of finance, forecasting, administration, operations, strategic planning and legislation. During his public policy career, Peter has been a senior advisor for three governors and has served as a state budget director, the director of a statewide in-house management consulting office, the chief research economist for a legislative body, and a tax manager for a FORTUNE 500 corporation. His expertise and experience extends across a wide range of state programs at various levels, from conceptualization and policy development to rate-setting, operations, evaluation, budgeting and accounting. Peter has been supporting state Medicaid agencies and managing both short-term and long-term projects for over 15 years. A primary focus in recent years has been supporting state agencies in the design, operations, and evaluation of their home- and community-based service programs.

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