Projects for Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Member Survey

Service Category: Develop and Conduct Member and Provider Surveys

As part of its independent evaluation of the Insure Oklahoma program, B&A conducted a survey of over 10,000 members in the ESI portion of the program in the Summer of 2008. Surveys were individually coded so that we could assess representation across demographic criteria. Results were included as a chapter in the evaluation report.

Independent Evaluation of Insure Oklahoma

Service Category: External Quality Reviews and Other Independent Evaluations

B&A is completing an evaluation of Insure Oklahoma, a state-sponsored program that subsidizes insurance premiums for low-income working uninsured Oklahomans and provides services directly to those that are not offered employer-sponsored insurance. The final report will be delivered in December 2008. Key aspects of the evaluation included face-to-face interviews with over 25 stakeholders involved in the initial design and ongoing operations of the program; a site review of the operations of the state’s fiscal agent for the program; a member survey; an analysis of the program’s budget; and recommendations for improvement, specifically on program operations.

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