Projects for Nevada Department of Human Services

HCBS Rate Setting – NV DHS

Service Category: HCBS Rate Setting

Prior to B&A’s formation, Gretchen Engquist and Mark Podrazik completed work for the legislatively mandated Nevada Provider Rates Task Force charged with developing a long-term strategic rate plan for community-based services for seniors, people with disabilities, and people with mental illness. Our team developed community service rates and a strategic transition plan that included service and rate-specific analyses and an overarching section that presented a strategic plan across individual rates for the payment of community services across target populations. Recommendations were also made for the development of a fiscal intermediary program, the creation of a waiver for services for individuals with autism, and a revamping of the delivery and payment of Targeted Case Management.

Dental Program Readiness Review – NV DHS

Service Category: Readiness Reviews

Prior to B&A’s formation, Peter Burns and Gretchen Engquist developed and conducted the readiness review for the Nevada Managed Dental program operated through the health plans and the University of Nevada–Las Vegas. The findings from the review concluded that the vendor was not ready. Our team developed corrective action plans and conducted a re-review until compliance was met.

Conduct Focus Groups – NV DHS

Service Category: Conduct Focus Groups

B&A staff facilitated and recorded the findings from focus groups with stakeholders for the six 1915(c) waiver programs to determine gaps in coverage, past achievements, and recommendations for future expansion of services. The purpose of the focus groups was to gain information for completing the Real Choices Systems Change Grant State Profile Tool for all of Nevada’s populations in HCBS Waiver programs.

HIFA Waiver Assistance – NV DHS

Service Category: HIFA and Other Waivers

B&A provided technical assistance to Nevada to gain approval for their HIFA waiver. Specific activities included performing cost and caseload estimates, designing the methodology for budget neutrality calculations, collecting and preparing data, performing program estimates, and assisting in CMS negotiations.

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