As required by Welfare and Institutions Code § 4519.8, the California Department Developmental Services (DDS) is in the process of studying the reimbursement rates paid for community-based services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Burns & Associates, Inc. (B&A) is assisting DDS with this study and has established this website as a repository for study-related materials.

B&A has recorded a webinar to provide an overview of the vendor rate study, including background information on the project and our firm, our general approach to rate-setting, and the specific tasks to be completed for this project.

• The webinar can be accessed here.

• The presentation covered in the webinar can be accessed here.

A key factor in the rate study is a vendor survey to collect data regarding providers’ service delivery designs and costs, which is available for download:

• The Excel-based survey can be accessed HERE.

• The survey instructions can be accessed HERE.

For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) please follow the link here to the DDS website.

B&A has recorded a series of webinars to explain the rate-setting effort and to walk through the survey page-by-page (refer to page 3 of the instructions for the service codes included in each of the grouping lists):

• Click here and here* for background information and discussion of the forms that apply to all service codes (revenues, administrative and program operations costs, and direct care and program operations staff wages and benefits). Vendors are strongly encouraged to review these webinars first.
* There was a problem with the video in the initial recording. The second recording linked above includes discussion of the Admin Other worksheet with the appropriate video.

• Click here for residential service codes

• Click here for day and employment service codes

• Click here for home and community support service codes

• Click here for transportation service codes

• Click here for behavioral and other health services

To assist with navigating the webinars, this document provides a listing of the topics discussed in webinar and the time stamp for each.

Data collected through this survey will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating reimbursement rates. Only aggregated data will be reported; no vendor-specific information will be published.

Completed surveys are due by Friday, August 3 and should be submitted to Questions regarding the survey can be sent to this email address or you may call (602) 241-8515.

If you have any questions regarding the rate study, you may contact your local Regional Center or DDS at or (916) 654-2300.